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High Mountains Adaptation Partnership


September 2014

  • New Byers film on Bhutan GLOFs
  • HiMAP website transferred to The Mountain Institute's Science and Exploration Program
  • Conversations in Khumbu and Kathmandu about the Everest Alliance
  • The Everest Knot presentation at the Sustainable Summits Conference in Colorado
  • Khumbu Alpine Conservation Council briefing video and glimpse into field work at Imja Lake
  • New disaster management plan for the Quilcay basin of Huaraz, Peru
  • The Steep N' Deep Project solicits partnerships with glacial lake researchers
  • Mountain Geography textbook releases Powerpoint teaching slides for the entire book
  • Mera Alpine Conservation Group blogs and video re-released from 2012

May 2014

  • Launch of the securing mountain water and livelihoods project in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
  • Inundation modeling of a potential glacial lake outburst flood in Huaraz, Peru
  • Handy summary of the Glacial Lake Handbook
  • Conociendo Cordillera Blanca Teacher Guides
  • Two news items on the death of Andean glaciers
  • A Deluge of Consequences: Adventure in the High Himalayas video
  • Everest Alliance field trip in progress

March 2014

  • Everest Alliance inception meeting
  • HiMAP Community of Practice discussion
  • Glacial Lake Handbook
  • Repeat photography webinar
  • Kanchenjunga-Makalu vote
  • Everest-Lhotse Research Expedition
  • Jack Ives book on Sustainable Mountain Development
  • Meeta Sainju Pradhan
  • Human impacts in Makalu-Barun National Park
  • Dangerous glacial Lake 464 video

December 2013

  • What's HiMAP? (Hint: Née HMGWP)
  • Glacial Flooding and Disaster Risk Management: Knowledge Exchange and Field Training — All papers and video
  • Bolivia in a 4-degree Warmer World book
  • Opportunities
  • Introducing Everest Alliance

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