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Cape Espenberg: Early Inupiat settlement on the northern Seward Peninsula (Alaska)

This archaeological research is designed to collect and analyze data on changing patterns of human occupation and environmental conditions on the promontory at the southern entrance to Kotzebue Sound during a period that was critical to the history of the native peoples of northwest Alaska.

Download the PDF slide presentation "Cape Espenberg 2011," delivered at the Alaska Anthropological Association meeting in Seattle, March 2012.

Download the PDF field report for 2010: "Human response to climate change at Cape Espenberg: AD 800-1400."

Read the paper "Uivvaq: A stratified Iñupiaq occupation at Cape Lisburne, northwest Alaska," Alaska Journal of Anthropology, 10(1-2): 143-172, 2012. This paper concerns a different project than Cape Espenberg; the research, however, is closely related—same people, same time period, and the same general region.

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