Trees and VOCs

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May 5th, 2011

Visiting PhD student Eva Joó is completing a number of ozone reactivity measurements that will forward the Trees & VOCs project. The chemical engineer introduces compounds from trees or standards through a line to a reaction chamber, where the compounds react with known quantities of ozone. She is watching the signals from these reactions closely to see if they change after the reaction.

"What I like [about this project]: it's a mix of field work, lab work, and computer work," she explains. "It's not sitting in one place for 24 hours-especially when you can go out in the forest or on a research trip with Detlev."

In the fall, Romain Baghi, our visiting student from the University of Toulouse, returned for two months to write a paper on the flowering trees experiment he performed last summer.

Congratulations and best wishes to graduate student Ryan Daly, whose research on sesquiterpenes was bound up with this project and who did much of the field work at CreekSide Nursery. He defended his master's thesis at the end of December and has moved on to work with the EPA in North Carolina researching a very similar topic.


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