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Brewin, P. E., Farrugia, T. J., Chris Jenkins, Brickle, P. 2020: Straddling the line: High potential impact on vulnerable marine ecosystems by bottom-set longline fishing in unregulated areas beyond national jurisdiction. ICES Journal of Marine Science: article fsaa106. DOI: 10.1093/icesjms/fsaa106

Sulpis, O., Boudreau, B. P., Mucci, A., Chris Jenkins, Trossman, D. S., Arbic, B. K., Key, R. M. 2018: Current CaCO3 dissolution at the seafloor caused by anthropogenic CO2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(46): 11,700-11,705. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1804250115

Amoroso, R. O., et al., including, Chris Jenkins 2018: Bottom trawl fishing footprints on the world’s continental shelves. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(43): E10275-E10282. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1802379115

Bostock, H., Chris Jenkins, Mackay, K., Carter, L., Nodder, S., Orpin, A., Pallentin, A., Wysoczanski, R. 2019: Distribution of surficial sediments in the ocean around New Zealand/Aotearoa. Part B: Continental shelf. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 62(1): 24-45. DOI: 10.1080/00288306.2018.1523199

Bostock, H., Chris Jenkins, Mackay, K., Carter, L., Nodder, S., Orpin, A., Pallentin, A., Wysoczanski, R. 2019: Distribution of surficial sediments in the ocean around New Zealand/Aotearoa. Part A: Continental slope and deep ocean. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 62(1): 1-23. DOI: 10.1080/00288306.2018.1523198

Chris Jenkins 2018: Sediment accumulation rates for the Mississippi Delta region: A time-interval synthesis. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 88(2): 301-309. DOI: 10.2110/jsr.2018.15

Diesing, M., Kröger, S., Parker, R., Chris Jenkins, Mason, C., Weston, K. 2017: Predicting the standing stock of organic carbon in surface sediments of the North–West European continental shelf. Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2): 183-200. DOI: 10.1007/s10533-017-0310-4

Rubec, P. J., Lewis, J., Reed, D., Santi, C., Weisberg, R. H., Zheng, L., Chris Jenkins, Ashbaugh, C. F., Lashley, C., Versaggi, S. 2016: Linking oceanographic modeling and benthic mapping with habitat suitability models for pink shrimp on the West Florida Shelf. Marine and Coastal Fisheries, 8(1): 160-176. DOI: 10.1080/19425120.2015.1082519

Ferretti, F., Osio, G. C., Chris Jenkins, Rosenberg, A. A., Lotze, H. K. 2013: Long-term change in a meso-predator community in response to prolonged and heterogeneous human impact. Scientific Reports, 3: article 1057. DOI: 10.1038/srep01057

Williams, S. J., Flocks, J., Chris Jenkins, Khalil, S., Moya, J. 2012: Offshore sediment character and sand resource assessment of the northern Gulf of Mexico, Florida to Texas. Journal of Coastal Research, 60: 30-44. DOI: 10.2112/SI_60_4

Arsenault, M. A., Williams, S. J., Reid, J. A., Chris Jenkins 2010: Geologic characterization of U.S. shelf areas using usSEABED for GIS mapping, habitat delineation, and assessing marine sand and gravel resources. In Bremer, J. (ed.), Ocean Globe. Redlands, California: ESRI Press, 179-192.

Li, F., Griffiths, C. M., Dyt, C. P., Weill, P., Feng, M., Salles, T., Chris Jenkins 2009: Multigrain seabed sediment transport modelling for the south-west Australian Shelf. Marine and Freshwater Research, 60(7): 774 785, DOI: 10.1071/MF08049

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Chris Jenkins, Wever, T. 2008: Naval mine impact burial prediction using seafloor database, experiment, and GIS technologies. Marine Georesources and Geotechnology, 25(3-4): 199-208. DOI: 10.1080/10641190701688734

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Porter-Smith, R., Harris, P. T., Andersen, O. B., Coleman, R., Greenslade, D., Chris Jenkins 2004: Classification of the Australian continental shelf based on predicted sediment threshold exceedance from tidal currents and swell waves. Marine Geology, 211(1-2): 1-20.