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Dalsoren, S. B., Myhre, G., Hodnebrog, O., Myhre, C. L., Stohl, A., Pisso, I., Schwietzke, S., Hoeglund-Isaksson, L., Detlev Helmig, Reimann, S., Sauvage, S., Schmidbauer, N., Read, K. A., Carpenter, L. J., Lewis, A. C., Punjabi, S., Wallasch, M. 2018: Discrepancy between simulated and observed ethane and propane levels explained by underestimated fossil emissions. Nature Geoscience, 11(3): 178-184. DOI: 10.1038/s41561-018-0073-0

Feldman, D. R., Collins, W. D., Biraud, S. C., Risser, M. D., Turner, D. D., Gero, P. J., Tadic, J., Detlev Helmig, Xie, S., Mlawer, E. J., Shippert, T. R., Torn, M. S. 2018: Observationally derived rise in methane surface forcing mediated by water vapour trends. Nature Geoscience, 11(4): 238-243. DOI: 10.1038/s41561-018-0085-9

Sam RossabiDetlev Helmig 2018: Changes in atmospheric butanes and pentanes and their isomeric ratios in the continental United States. Journal of Geophysical Research—Atmospheres, 123(7): 3772-3790. DOI: 10.1002/2017JD027709

McKenzie, L. M., Blair, B., Hughes, J., Allshouse, W. B., Blake, N. J., Detlev Helmig, Milmoe, P., Halliday, H., Blake, D. R., Adgate, J. L. 2018: Ambient nonmethane hydrocarbon levels along Colorado's northern Front Range: Acute and chronic health risks. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(8): 4514-4525. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b05983

Jason EvansDetlev Helmig 2017: Investigation of the influence of transport from oil and natural gas regions on elevated ozone levels in the northern Colorado Front Range. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, 67(2): 196-211. DOI: 10.1080/10962247.2016.1226989

Tzompa-Sosa, Z. A., Mahieu, E., Franco, B., Keller, C. A., Turner, A. J., Detlev HelmigAlan FriedDirk RichterPetter WeibringJames Walega, Yacovitch, T. I., Herndon, S. C., Blake, D. R., Hase, F., Hannigan, J. W., Conway, S., Strong, K., Schneider, M., Fischer, E. V. 2017: Revisiting global fossil fuel and biofuel emissions of ethane. Journal of Geophysical Research—Atmospheres, 122(4): 2493-2512. DOI: 10.1002/2016JD025767

Zhang, B., Owen, R. C., Perlinger, J. A., Detlev Helmig, Martin, M. V., Kramer, L., Mazzoleni, L. R., Mazzoleni, C. 2017: Ten-year chemical signatures associated with long-range transport observed in the free troposphere over the central North Atlantic. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 5: 1-20. DOI: 10.1525/elementa.194

Obrist, D., Agnan, Y., Jiskra, M., Olson, C. L., Colegrove, D. P., Jacques Hueber, Moore, C. W., Sonke, J. E., Detlev Helmig 2017: Tundra uptake of atmospheric elemental mercury drives Arctic mercury pollution. Nature, 547(7662): 201-204. DOI: 10.1038/nature22997

Schultz, M. G., et al., including, Detlev HelmigJacques Hueber 2017: Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Database and metrics data of global surface ozone observations. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 5: article 58. DOI: 10.1525/elementa.244

Schnell, R. C., Johnson, B. J., Oltmans, S. J., Cullis, P., Sterling, C., Hall, E., Jordan, A., Detlev Helmig, Petrón, G., Ahmadov, R., Wendell, J., Albee, R., Boylan, P., Chelsea ThompsonJason EvansJacques Hueber, Curtis, A. J., Park, J.-H. 2016: Quantifying wintertime boundary layer ozone production from frequent profile measurements in the Uinta Basin, UT, oil and gas region. Journal of Geophysical Research—Atmospheres, 121(18): 11038-11054. DOI: 10.1002/2016JD025130

Detlev HelmigSam RossabiJacques Hueber, Tans, P., Montzka, S. A., Masarie, K., Thoning, K., Plass-Duelmer, C., Claude, A., Carpenter, L. J., Lewis, A. C., Punjabi, S., Reimann, S., Vollmer, M. K., Steinbrecher, R., Hannigan, J. W., Emmons, L. K., Mahieu, E., Franco, B., Smale, D., Pozzer, A. 2016: Reversal of global atmospheric ethane and propane trends largely due to US oil and natural gas production. Nature Geoscience, 9(7): 490-495. DOI: 10.1038/NGEO2721

Van Dam, B., Detlev Helmig, Doskey, P. V., Oltmans, S. J. 2016: Summertime surface O3 behavior and deposition to tundra in the Alaskan Arctic. Journal of Geophysical Research—Atmospheres, 121(13): 8055-8066. DOI: 10.1002/2015JD023914

Legrand, M., Preunkert, S., Savarino, J., Frey, M. M., Kukui, A., Detlev Helmig, Jourdain, B., Jones, A. E., Weller, R., Brough, N., Gallee, H. 2016: Inter-annual variability of surface ozone at coastal (Dumont d'Urville, 2004-2014) and inland (Concordia, 2007-2014) sites in East Antarctica. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16(12): 8053-8069. DOI: 10.5194/acp-16-8053-2016

Angot, H., Magand, O., Detlev Helmig, Ricaud, P., Quennehen, B., Gallee, H., Del Guasta, M., Sprovieri, F., Pirrone, N., Savarino, J., Dommergue, A. 2016: New insights into the atmospheric mercury cycling in central Antarctica and implications on a continental scale. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16(13): 8249-8264. DOI: 10.5194/acp-16-8249-2016

Hu, L., Millet, D. B., Baasandorj, M., Griffis, T. J., Turner, P., Detlev Helmig, Curtis, A., Jacques Hueber 2015: Isoprene emissions and impacts over an ecological transition region in the US Upper Midwest inferred from tall tower measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research—Atmospheres, 120(8): 3553-3571. DOI: 10.1002/2014JD022732

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Dzepina, K., Mazzoleni, C., Fialho, P., China, S., Zhang, B., Owen, R. C., Detlev HelmigJacques Hueber, Kumar, S., Perlinger, J. A., Kramer, L. J., Dziobak, M. P., Ampadu, M. T., Olsen, S., Wuebbles, D. J., Mazzoleni, L. R. 2015: Molecular characterization of free tropospheric aerosol collected at the Pico Mountain Observatory: A case study with a long-range transported biomass burning plume. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15(9), 5047-5068. DOI: 10.5194/acp-15-5047-2015

Preunkert, S., Legrand, M., Frey, M. M., Kukui, A., Savarino, J., Gallée, H., King, M., Jourdain, B., Vicars, W., Detlev Helmig 2015: Formaldehyde (HCHO) in air, snow, and interstitial air at Concordia (East Antarctic Plateau) in summer. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15: 6689-6705. DOI: 10.5194/acp-15-6689-2015

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Murray, K. A., Kramer, L. J., Doskey, P. V., Ganzeveld, L., Brian SeokBrie Van DamDetlev Helmig 2015: Dynamics of ozone and nitrogen oxides at Summit, Greenland: II. Simulating snowpack chemistry during a spring high ozone event with a 1-D process-scale model. Atmospheric Environment, 117: 110-123. DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.07.004

Schultz, M. G., Akimoto, H., Bottenheim, J., Buchmann, B., Galbally, I. E., Gilge, S., Detlev Helmig, Koide, H., Lewis, A. C., Novelli, P. C., Plass-Dülmer, C., Ryerson, T. B., Steinbacher, M., Steinbrecher, R., Tarasova, O., Tørseth, K., Thouret, V., Zellweger, C. 2015: The Global Atmosphere Watch reactive gases measurement network. Elementa, 3: article 000067. DOI: 10.12952/journal.elementa.000067

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Ahmadov, R., McKeen, S., Trainer, M., Banta, R., Brewer, A., Brown, S., Edwards, P. M., de Gouw, J. A., Frost, G. J., Gilman, J., Detlev Helmig, Johnson, B., Karion, A., Koss, A., Langford, A., Lerner, B., Olson, J., Oltmans, S., Peischl, J., Petron, G., Pichugina, Y., Roberts, J. M., Ryerson, T., Schnell, R., Senff, C., Sweeney, C., Thompson, C., Veres, P. R., Warneke, C., Wild, R., Williams, E. J., Yuan, B., Zamora, R. 2015: Understanding high wintertime ozone pollution events in an oil- and natural gas-producing region of the western US. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15(1): 411-429. DOI: 10.5194/acp-15-411-2015

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Patrick BoylanDetlev Helmig, Park, J.-H. 2014: Characterization and mitigation of water vapor effects in the measurement of ozone by chemiluminescence with nitric oxide. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7(5): 1231-1244. DOI: 10.5194/amt-7-1231-2014

Trowbridge, A. M., Daly, R. W., Detlev Helmig, Stoy, P. C., Monson, R. K. 2014: Herbivory and climate interact serially to control monoterpene emissions from pinyon pine forests. Ecology, 95: 1591-1603. DOI: 10.1890/13-0989.1

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