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Barnhart, K. R., Eric Hutton, Tucker, G. E., Gasparini, N. M., Istanbulluoglu, E., Hobley, D. E. J., Lyons, N. J., Mouchene, M., Nudurupati, S. S., Jordan Adams, Bandaragoda, C. 2020: Short communication: Landlab v2.0: a software package for Earth surface dynamics. Earth Surface Dynamics, 8(2): 379-397. DOI: 10.5194/esurf-8-379-2020

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Eric HuttonJaia Syvitski, Kubo, Y. 2005: The numerical modeling of river deltas. In Chen, Z., Saito, Y., and Goodbred, S. (eds.), 2005: Mega-deltas of Asia-Geological Evolution and Human Impact. APN conference proceedings, Beijing: China Ocean Press, 255 261.

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Lee, H. J., Jaia Syvitski, Parker, G., Orange, D., Locat, J., Eric Hutton, Imran, J. 2002: Distinguishing sediment waves from slope failure deposits: field examples, including the "Humboldt slide" and modelling results. Marine Geology, 192(1-3): 79-104. DOI: 10.1016/S0025-3227(02)00550-9

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, Imran, J., Eric Hutton, Parker, G., Jaia Syvitski 2001: BANG1D: a one-dimensional Lagrangian model of turbidity current mechanics . Computers and Geosciences 27(6):701-716

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Jaia SyvitskiEric Hutton 1996: In situ characteristics of suspended particles as determined by the Floc Camera Assembly FCA. Journal of Sea Research, 36: 131-142.