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William F. ManleyEric ParrishLeanne Lestak 2009: High-resolution orthorectified imagery and digital elevation models for study of environmental change at Niwot Ridge and Green Lakes Valley, Colorado: Niwot Ridge LTER. INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder (Digital media,

William F. ManleyLeanne LestakEric Parrish 2008: High-resolution orthorectified imagery from 1993 for three target areas in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (LACL), Southwest Alaska. National Park Service, Southwest Alaska Network I&M Program (Digital media).

William F. Manley, Sanzone, D. M., Leanne LestakEric Parrish 2007: High-resolution orthorectified imagery and accessory layers from ca. 1950s, ca. 1980s and 2003 for the coastal areas of Bering Land Bridge NP (BELA) and Cape Krusenstern NM (CAKR), northwest Alaska. National Park Service, Arctic Network I&M Program (Digital media, http:\\