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Jelena Vukomanovic, Orr, B. J. 2014: Landscape aesthetics and the scenic drivers of amenity migration in the New West: Naturalness, visual scale, and complexity. Land, 3(2): 390-413. DOI: 10.3390/land3020390

Jelena Vukomanovic 2013: Exurbia as physical and social place: Landscape drivers and ecological impacts of amenity migration in the New West. PhD dissertation, University of Arizona. PDF (3 MB)

Jelena Vukomanovic, Doumas, S. L., Osterkamp, W. R., Orr, B. J. 2013: Housing density and ecosystem function: Comparing the impacts of rural, exurban, and suburban densities on fire hazard, water availability, and house and road distance effects. Land, 2(4): 656-677. DOI: 10.3390/land2040656