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Hinners, S. J., Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski 2009: Receptiveness of foraging wild bees to exotic landscape elements. American Midland Naturalist, 162(2): 253 265.

Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski, Macher, J. M., Hammond, S. K., Tager, I. 2006: Considerations in the grouping of plant and fungal taxa for an epidemiologic study. Grana, 45 (4): 261 287.

Solomon, G. M., Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski, Rotkin-Ellman, M., Hammond, S. K. 2006: Airborne mold and endotoxin concentrations in New Orleans, Louisiana, after flooding, October through November 2005. Environmental Health Perspectives, 114 (9): 1381 1386.

Heikkinen, M. A., Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski, Haggblom, M. M., Macher, J. M. 2005: Bioaerosols. In Ruzer, L. S., and Harley, N. H. (eds.), Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry and Health Effects. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 291 342.