Occasional Papers

37. Ecological Studies in the Colorado Alpine: a Festschrift for John W. Marr. Ed. by James C. Halfpenny with contributions by Erik K. Bonde, John H. Bushnell, Nancy M. Butler, Nel Caine, John C. Emerick, JoAnn W. Flock, Susan Q. Foster, Michael C. Grant, David E. Greenland, James C. Halfpenny, Claudia L. Jolls, Y. B. Linhart, Diane E. May, T. A. May, J. B. Mitton, Harvey Nichols, Robert W. Pennak, Wells A. Shulls, Sam Shushan, Charles H. Southwick, P. J. Webber, Sidney E. White, and John T. Windell. 1982. 147 pp. PDF (17 MB)