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Bibliography of Alpine and Subalpine Areas of the Front Range, Colorado

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 43

1986, 114 pp. (cost: $5)

This bibliography comprises 993 references to the literature on the alpine and subalpine areas of the Front Range, Colorado. This bibliography is interdisciplinary and covers 25 scientific disciplines from Archaeology to Taxonomy. It will serve as an introduction to the rich literature about the science of the high mountain regions west of the University of Colorado at Boulder. As an historical document, emphasis has been placed on the heritage of research associated with the Mountain Research Station and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. Additional literature from Rocky Mountain National Park south to Longs Peak has been included. References are listed by author and indexed by key word and author. The key word system was developed as part of the Long-Term Ecological Research program of the National Science Foundation.

PDF (8 MB)