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Radiocarbon Date List VII: Baffin Island, N.W.T, Canada, Including Marine Dates from Adjacent Seas and East Greenland

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 48

1992, 82 pp. (cost: $5)

This Date List contains an annotated listing of 217 radiocarbon dates obtained on samples from the Canadian Arctic and East Greenland shelf. The dated material was recovered from marine cores from the Baffin Island and East Greenland shelves, collected from lake cores, and terrestrial exposures in western Hudson Strait, southeastern Baffin Island, and northern Baffin Island. The dates are used to address a variety of research questions. Some dates concern the timing and rate of paleoenvironmental changes such as sea-level, glacial, and sedimentological fluctuations; others bear on investigations into the applications and limitations of geochronological methods. Most of the dates (93%) were produced by the Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) at the University of Arizona. The prevalent use of AMS dating reflects the enhanced potential for obtaining a high-resolution chronostratigraphy using this technology, especially in arctic lake and marine environments where dateable materials are frequently scarce.

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