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Radiocarbon Date List VIII: Eastern Canadian Arctic, Labrador, Northern Quebec, East Greenland Shelf, Iceland Shelf, and Antarctica

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 50

1996, 163 pp.

This Date List contains an annotated listing of 420 radiocarbon dates determined on samples from the Eastern Canadian Arctic, Labrador, Northern Quebec, East Greenland, Iceland, and Antarctica. Nearly two-thirds of the dates are on materials recovered from marine cores from northern Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, the southern and eastern Baffin Island Shelves, the Labrador Shelf and Sea, Baffin Bay, the East Greenland Fjords, Shelf and Slope, the southwestern and northwestern Iceland Shelves, the Ross Sea Shelf, and offshore the Northern Antarctic Peninsula. Much of the remainder of the dates are on materials obtained from terrestrial geologic and archeological sites near Ungava Bay, on northern Ungava Peninsula, and on southern Baffin Island, including the shores of Meta Incognita Peninsula and Frobisher Bay. One-tenth of the dates are on materials obtained from lake cores taken from northern Labrador, northeast Quebec, and southern Baffin Island. The dates have been used to address a variety of research questions. Their stratigraphic and sample contexts are presented here to document the basis for interpretations. Most of the dates constrain the timing, rate, and interaction of late Quaternary paleoenvironmental fluctuations in sea level, glacier extent, sediment input, and ocean circulation. Others bear on investigations into the limitations and applications of geochronologic methods, or on the pace and timing of cultural evolution in high latitudes. Nearly all of the dates (85%) were obtained by the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) method. The majority of the dates (61%) were produced by the National Science Foundation – University of Arizona AMS Facility. The prevalent use of AMS dating reflects the ability to analyze small samples to obtain high-resolution chronologies of environmental change.

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