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Streamflow and Water Quality Characteristics for the Upper Snake River and Deer Creek Catchments in Summit County, Colorado: Water Years 1980 to 1999

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 53

1999, 81 pp. (cost: $5)

The issues of development of alpine areas and the possible influences of climate change in the Rocky Mountain region have both increased the focus of understanding processes controlling the water quality of mountain streams. This report presents 10 years of water quality and stream flow data from two headwater basins in Summit County, Colorado. The upper reach of the Snake River is acidic and metal-enriched from the natural and anthropogenic weathering of pyrite in the watershed, whereas the water quality of Deer Creek is pristine with a circumneutral pH. The Snake River and Deer Creek watersheds have been sites of extensive research for the past 15 years, and the data in this report have been used in these interpretative studies. The data sets are one of the longest water quality records for streams in the upper Colorado Rivers basin and provide a description of how water quality has varied with differences between years in snowpack and other climatic parameters.

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