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Publications - Occasional Papers

The Glaciers of Mongolia

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 61

2013, 43 pp. (cost: $10 + $5 shipping)

The glaciers of Mongolia have not been well studied; before now, the exact number of glaciers and their extent have not been known, and information about recent glacier fluctuations is sparse. The World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) lists one Mongolian glacier; the Digital Chart of the World outlines only some glaciers in Mongolia; and the World Glacier Inventory (WGI) includes a few glaciers without providing information on when the data were collected. The international program Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) only recently added a so-called Regional Center for Mongolia to its list of regional observation centers, and the inventorying of all Mongolian glaciers has just been finalized. This contribution reviews and summarizes our knowledge about the glaciers, important current climatic conditions, and predicted future climate change in Mongolia. While it presents information from various published sources, it does not aim to evaluate the accuracy of this information or discuss potential disagreements within the scientific community.

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