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Research Theme: Oceans

50. Radiocarbon Date List VIII: Eastern Canadian Arctic, Labrador, Northern Quebec, East Greenland Shelf, Iceland Shelf, and Antarctica. Compiled by William F. Manley and Anne E. Jennings, with contributions from: M. Abbott, J. T. Andrews, D. Barber, T. Cooper, B. Deonarine, M. L. Duvall, W. Fitzhugh, J. T. Gray, S. Hagen, F. Hall, G. Helgadottir, A. E. Jennings, D. S. Kaufman, M. W. Kerwin, M. Kirby, D. Laeyendecker, K. Licht, B. MacLean, W. F. Manley, G. H. Miller, R. Miller, H. Nichols, N. Rynes, C. Schafer, S. K. Short, A. Stein, D. R. Stenton, J. A. Stravers, K. Tedesco, G. Vilks, A. P. Wolfe, and Xiao J.. 1996. 163 pp. PDF (14 MB)

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