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Lab Phone List


Overview website | Main website | 818 CO Rd. 116, Nederland CO 80466. 

MRS Main contact
303-492-8842, 303-492-8841(fax), Malick, M.

Bowman Lab & MRS Herbarium
303-492-8842, MARR 19, Bowman, B.


University of Colorado, 4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder CO 80303

INSTAAR Front Office

Advanced Laser Technology for Atmospheric Research (ALTAiR)
303-735-2280, SEEL 277, Fried, A.

Amino Acid Geochronology Lab
303-492-5075, SEEL 214A, Miller, G.

Arikaree Environmental Lab
303-735-6336, SEEL 150, Hinckley, E.

Atmospheric Research Lab (ARL)
303-492-5059, SEEC S137, Helmig, D.

Biogeochemistry Lab
303-735-2140, SEEL 140A (Plant Ecology), Seastedt. T., Suding, K
303-735-2135, SEEL 135A (Soils), Seastedt. T.

Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory (CZO)
303-492-5117, SEEC C170 (CZO/CrySP), Anderson, S., Molotch, N., Overeem, I.
303-735-2185, SEEL 185 (Water & Environmental Analysis), Anderson, S., Gooseff, M.

Community Surface Dynamics Modeling Systems (CSDMS)
303-735-5482, SEEC N141, Syvitski, J.

Diatom Lab
303-492-5158, SEEC C173A &  SEEL 120A, Spaulding, S.

Ecohydrology Lab
303-492-7926, SEEC N190, Barnard, H.

Environmental Biogeochemistry Group 
303-735-2134, SEEL134A, Hinckley, E.-L., Neff, J.

Environmental GIS Lab
303-735-1300, SEEC S230B, Manley, W.

Hydroecology Science and Engineering Lab  
303-735-2185, SEEL 185 (Water & Environmental Analysis), Anderson, S., Gooseff, M.
n/a, SEEC S183, Gooseff, M.

ICP-MS Trace Element Lab
303-735-1044, SEEL 118B, Marchitto, T.

Laboratory for AMS Radiocarbon Preparation and Research (NSRL)
303-492-0362, SEEC S163A (Radiocarbon Processing), Lehman, S.
n/a, SEEC C140 (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry), Lehman, S.

Library / Information Center
303-492-1867, SEEC C215, Sommer, S.

Micropaleontology Lab
303-492-7621, SEEC S173, Jennings, A.

Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Lab
303-735-3277, SEEL 214A , Sepúlveda, J.

Organic Matter Spectroscopy Lab & Phycology Lab
303-735-2185, SEEL 185 (Dissolved Organic Matter),  McKnight, D.
303-735-8034, SEEC S121 (Phycology), McKnight, D.

Sedimentology Lab / Core Processing Lab
303-735-2121, SEEL 134 & 120 (Sed/Plant Analysis Lab), Roth, W.  
303-735-2121, SEEL 135A (Sed/Plant Processing Lab), Roth, W. 
303-735-2121, SEEC N170 (XRD/Sed Prep Lab), Roth, W.

Stable Isotope Lab (SIL)
303-492-5495, SEEC S185 & S195, Vaughn, B.

Suding Lab
303-735-2140, SEEL 140A (Plant Ecology), Seastedt. T., Suding, K

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