New library books

February 22nd, 2013

The global cryosphere: Past, present and future
by Roger Barry and Thian Yew Gan, 2011
  This is the first textbook to address all components of the Earth's cryosphere. It provides a concise but comprehensive summary of snow cover, glaciers, ice sheets, lake and river ice, permafrost, sea ice and icebergs—their history and projected future state.

Climate change and climate modeling
by J. David Neelin, 2011
  Covers the essentials of how climate models are constructed, their strengths and limitations, and where uncertainties arise. Provides a solid understanding of the physical climate system and the underpinnings of current climate assessments.

Geological history of Britain and Ireland, 2nd edition
edited by Nigel Woodcock and Rob Strachan, 2012
  For so small a fragment of continental crust, Britain and Ireland have a remarkably varied geology. This book tells the region's story, with additional resources online.

Comparative Eskimo dictionary with Aleut cognates
edited by M. Fortescue, S. Jacobsen, and L. Kaplan, 2010
  A circumpolar effort and amazing work of scholarship, this work groups together related words from the modern Eskimo languages in comparative sets with English equivalents. Ten linguistic varieties are compared, including five Inuit dialect groups, the four Yupik languages, and Sirenikski. On the bases of these sets, the compilers have reconstructed forms of the ancestor language, Proto-Eskimo. Aleut cognates are given where possible.