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I. Establishment

The University of Colorado established the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) in 1951, in order to promote more vigorously the study of mountain and northern regions.

II. Mission

The Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research develops scientific knowledge of natural and anthropogenic physical and biogeochemical environmental processes at local, regional and global scales, and applies this knowledge to improve society's awareness and understanding of environmental change. The world's high-altitude and high-latitude regions are the Institute's traditional focus, but the pursuit of understanding of these regions has led INSTAAR to a geographically wide range of interdisciplinary studies of Quaternary and modern environments, which include research in geochronology, human and ecosystem ecology, hydrology, oceanography, landscape evolution, biogeochemistry, and climate. INSTAAR's national and international research leadership in these areas is augmented by exceptional strength in graduate education and exposure of undergraduates to the research process, as well as by outreach to the public both locally and nationally.

Read INSTAAR's constitution, bylaws, and standing rules, approved January 2004 (PDF)