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Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
 University of Colorado at Boulder
 1560 30th Street
 Campus Box 450
 Boulder CO, 80309-0450 

Tel: +1 720 840 3303 

Fax: +1 303 492 6388

Research and Development Fields:

Marine Sediments, Geophysics and Stratigraphy
Computing Methods for Heterogeneous Data
Machine Understanding of Word-Based Data
Materials and Features of the Global Seabed 


Senior Research Scientist in Environmental Computing, INSTAAR, Univ. Colorado, 2002-
Senior Research Fellow, Univ Adelaide, Adelaide Australia, 2008-
Senior Research Fellow in Marine Geosciences, Sydney Univ, 1991-2001 
Research Fellow in Marine Geosciences, Sydney Univ., 1983-90 
BSc (Sydney, Australia), PhD (Cambridge, UK) 

Research Programs

  • dbSEABED - an Information System of the World's Seafloor
    Seabed information processing leading to mappings on local to global scales; development of new data mining and linguistic processes, development of GIS visualizations for seabed data.
  •  Population Modelling of Carbonate Sediment/Rock Facies
    Carbonate sediments and rocks are mostly biogenic in origin, formed from the growth and turnover of populations of organisms. Population models should be able to model the facies of carbonate accumulation in detail and accurately. 
  • Extraction of Image Strips from IODP Core Photo Collection
    During the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) the core recoveries were photographed in racks containing ~1.5m core sections. This project devised methods to automatically extract image strips from those photos, strips that are compatible with the scanned images of modern technologies.
  • Rationalization of the Geosciences Parameter and Geomaterials Vocabularies
    By applying tools from computational linguistics, the enormous and complex vocabularies for sediment and rock description and analysis can be systematized and used better in query systems via automatically computed ontologies.
  • Geophysics, Geotechnics, Sedimentology with Engineering Applications
    The combination of huge amounts of detailed seabed data with geological and geophysical models, plus modern visualization technologies such as GIS assists multiple projects in seafloor object burial, acoustic propagation, and slope stability.  
  • Seamless over the Strandline
    One of the great data divides in geosciences is between the substrates and habitats of the land (soils, agriculture) and the marine (sediments, oceanography). This project devised some new computing methods for reconciling the two data domains. It produced joined maps for Louisiana.

Appointments, Qualifications
  • Senior Research Fellow in Marine Geosciences, Ocean Sciences Institute, Sydney Univ, 1991-2001
  • Consultancies and secondments with agencies and companies, 1985-.
    Marine geophysical acquisition, multibeam surveying, marine error analysis, marine tailings disposal monitoring,
    marine platform foundations sampling and analysis, linguistic data processing in geology, shipboard database/GIS systems,
    deep seafloor sediment sampling and photography, marine shallow seismic interpretation.
  • Research Fellow in Marine Geosciences, Ocean Sciences Institute, Sydney Univ., 1983-90
  • Assistant Lecturer, Tutor in Stratigraphy, Australian National University and James Cook University, 1980-1982.
  • PhD (Cambridge, UK)  1979
    with Sidney Sussex College Scholarship for postgraduate study.
  • BSc Hons (Sydney, Australia) 1974
    with various scholarships and awards.

  • Australian National University 1980-81: Stratigraphy-palaeontology Year II
  • James Cook University 1982: Stratigraphy-palaeontology Year II
  • University of Sydney: ~1990, 1992: Introductory Oceanography Year I
  • University of Colorado, Boulder ~2009, 2012: Advanced Oceanography Year III
  • University of Colorado, Boulder 2012: Introductory Oceanography Year I

Committees 2016
  • Member, Steering Committee of the NSF-funded Paleogeosciences Research Coordination Network (C4P RCN)
  • Co-Chair, Carbonate Focus Research Group (C-FRG) in the NSF-supported Community Earth Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS)
  • Member, NSF-supported Earthcube committee for organization of the 2016 All-Hands Meeting, in Denver July 2016.


(See also the dbSEABED bibliography)

Papers (Published, Peer Reviewed)

  • Arsenault, M.A., Williams, S.J., Reid. J.A. and Jenkins, C.J. 2010. Geologic characterization of U.S. shelf areas using usSEABED for GIS mapping, habitat delineation, and assessing marine sand and gravel resources.  In:  Bremer, J. (Ed.), Ocean Globe, ESRI Press, p.179-192.
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Abstracts (Published, not Peer Reviewed)
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Reports (Unpublished, not Peer Reviewed)
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Research Grants
(Selected, in addition to contracts)

United States

  • Jenkins et al. 2014. Porting Practical Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) Semantics from Biomedicine to the Earth, Ice and Life Sciences. NSF C1F21 DIBBS
  • Lehnert & others, 2013. C4P: Collaboration and Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeosciences. NSF EarthCube RCN 
  • Livny & others 2012. Bringing Together Computational and Linguistic Methods to Extract 'Dark' Geosciences Data for the EarthCube Framework. NSF EAGER Collaborative Research.
  • Jenkins 2011. Population Ecology Models for Carbonate Sediments. NSF Collaborative Research
  • Jenkins 2010. Seamless Marine-wetlands-coastal Soils Database to Support Urgent Decision-making Against the Deepwater Horizon Coastal Oiling. NSF RAPID.
  • Ito & others 2006. CoreWall--Integrated Environment for Interpretation of Geoscientific Data from Sediment and Crystalline Cores. NSF Collaborative Research.
  • Jenkins 2013. Impact of Biological Activity at the Seafloor on its Hydrodynamic and Underwater Sound Properties (bioSEABED). FWG.

Talks, Lectures, Webinars
(Partial list)
  • Population Ecology Modeling of Marine Shallow-Water Carbonates. Monday 15 Sep 2014, INSTAAR Monday Seminar, Boulder CO, USA.
  • Geologic Time and Paleocoordinate methods in the Global Seafloor Geology Database (dbSEABED). 10 Sep 2014, Advances And Emergent Needs in Paleogeoscience Cyberinfrastructure, (C4P) NSF RCN Webinars. [URL: ""]
  • About the Upcoming Workshop 'Computing with Geologic Time'. 26 Aug 2014, Advances And Emergent Needs in Paleogeoscience Cyberinfrastructure, (C4P) NSF RCN Webinars. [URL: ""]
  • Computational Issues with Geologic Time (Colloquium).    Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 15:53,    Meeting Session, Copper Mountain, CO, USA 
  • Global data on Seafloor Materials and Features Assists Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics. 4 June 2013, Dalhousie Univ, Halifax, CA.
  • Wordy Data. ESIP Innovators Among Us - Lightning Talks. Monday, December 3, 2012 - 10:09, Meeting Session, Madison, MN, USA. [URL: ""]
  • Google ® & Wordnet ® methods applied to sediment/rock/soil vocabularies. Monday 20 Feb 2012, INSTAAR Monday Seminar, Boulder CO, USA. (Handbill)
  • Seafloor Sediments: Unlocking the Information from the Word-based Data-sets. July 2009, LDEO, Columbia Univ, NY, USA.

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