Diatom Laboratory
Diatom Laboratory

What are diatoms?

Diatoms are algae with distinctive, transparent cell walls made of hydrated silica.

What do we do at the INSTAAR Diatom Laboratory?

Our work is directed toward understanding diatom biology, developing consistent approaches for aquatic assessment and the ecological roles of diatoms. We take our research and our fun seriously!

At "OLDSTAAR" the previous home of INSTAAR in RL-1, students learn from one another.
Our lab in the SEEC building, with an ideal space for algal research.
The lab in the SEEC building needed to have art! Here, Rhea Esposito, Ian Bishop and Paul Bliznik make the Diatoms of the US logo a reality.
Clowning with a USGS field crew.
Meredith Tyree came straight from Arkansas to the Continental Divide, west of Boulder.

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