FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I submit an abstract?

Upon registering you will be emailed a web page location for submitting your abstract.

Was my abstract accepted?

Probably yes. Your abstract is automatically placed into our system as soon as you submit it. If your abstract is considered inappropriate for the Workshop, we will contact you within a few days of submittal.

Can I change part of my abstract?

Yes, but only up until the deadline. Just visit the same web page address (URL) emailed to you upon registration, re-login, and make your changes.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Space is limited. Submitting more than one abstract must be pre-approved, email your request to

Submit Abstract »

John Andrews Saturday special event

How do I attend the celebration on 17 April?

The celebration is a hybrid in-person/online event and more details about it will be posted later. Sign up for the event when you register for the Workshop. If you want to attend only the Saturday celebration and are not registering for the Workshop, email us.

How do I contribute photos etc?

Consider contributing a few photos (with captions), a written story, a pre-recorded video story, or a live story. Email ideas and content to us.

Zoom meeting

How do I connect?

The online live sessions are held on Zoom. We will email Zoom connection information to attendees before the start of the meeting.

3-minute lightning talk slides

How do I upload my 1-3 slides?

Upon registering you will be emailed instructions for uploading.

Further slide questions?

See Submit Abstract »

10-minute videos

How do I upload my video?

Upon registering you will be emailed instructions for uploading.

How can I watch the videos?

Links to videos will be emailed to registered attendees by 08 April.

Further video questions?

See Submit Abstract »