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Andrews Changes in sediment sources in the Labrador Sea during the Late Quaternary
Andrews D.M. & G. Andrews, Grocers, Purveyors of Balloon Yeast “We always rise to the occasion”: The Arctic Workshop, and a brief account of life before CU
Aradóttir Evidence of palaeo-ice streaming in NE-Iceland
Ardenghi Disentangling the evolution of Holocene climate, soil erosion and human impact in Iceland
Axford The Holocene Thermal Maximum across Greenland: Reconciling differences in the timing and magnitude of peak warmth
Bradley Icebergs and tropical rainfall
Brigham-Grette Navigating NNA -- from planning and vulnerability to research action
Christ Camp Century revisited: an ecosystem under the ice reveals Greenland’s warmer past
Cluett Multi-proxy biomarker records and forward modeling of western Greenland Holocene lake temperatures and dynamics
Crump Patterns of postglacial vegetation establishment clarified by lacustrine sedaDNA from Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
Francus Annually resolved past climate changes from South Sawtooth Lake 2900-year-long varved record
Furze The M’Clintock Ice Shelf: last gasp of the NW Laurentide Ice Sheet
Gorbey An investigation of modern eastern North American Arctic lakes reveals latitudinal patterns in lake water isotope seasonality
Harning Biomarker characterization of the North Water Polynya, Baffin Bay: Implications for local sea ice and temperature proxies
Hoffecker Human paleo-genomics and Beringian landscapes
Hollister Quantifying Holocene plant contributions to sedimentary leaf waxes in an Arctic lake setting
Jenkins Arctic seabed: New detailed mappings of compositions and physical properties
Kaplan Does Northeastern Cumberland Peninsula preserve a dateable pre-MIS2 moraine record – or NOT?
Kelleher Foraminiferal stratigraphy and lithofacies reveal the timing and environments of deglaciation and onset of Arctic/Atlantic throughflow in the Arctic Island Channels
Kindstedt Quantifying layers of refrozen melt in ice cores using bubble density
King Northern knowledge for resilience, environmental sustainability and adaptation in coastal communities (NORSEACC)
Lapointe Little Ice Age triggered by intrusion of Atlantic waters into the Nordic Seas
Larocca Changes in South Greenland’s peripheral glaciers since the Little Ice Age
Lehman Abrupt mid-20th century onset of post Little Ice Age hydrographic instability in the Northern North Atlantic
Lenetsky On the interannual variability of spring Bering Strait water temperatures
Lesnek Exposing the history of volcanism and sea-level changes at the Mount Edgecumbe Volcanic Field in Southeast Alaska using cosmogenic nuclides
Licht The multidisciplinary story of Antarctica's history as told from blue ice moraines
Lindberg Investigating climatic and ecologic controls on modern plant leaf wax production along a latitudinal transect of Baffin Island
Lovell Assessing new temperature and conductivity calibrations on a 24,000-year record of lacustrine branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in the Polar Ural Mountains
Mahar Impact of lake basin morphometry and mixing on Arctic lake water isotope composition
McFarlin A previously undocumented influence on H isotopes of Arctic mid-chain plant waxes through the Holocene: moss-associated methane oxidation
McLean Profile curated collections of data with portals on the Arctic Data Center
Mette Coupled marine and terrestrial climate dynamics revealed by multicentury, annually resolved proxy records from Fennoscandia
Miller Episodic cryosphere expansion in Arctic Canada during the Common Era reinforced by repeat dating of entombed plants and supported by climate model simulations
Musselman The Arctic Rivers Project: A co-produced assessment of the climate sensitivity of Alaskan & Yukon rivers, fish, and Indigenous communities
Ogilvie Understanding resilience and long-term environmental change in the High Arctic: Narrative-based analyses from Svalbard (SVALUR)
Pendleton Torrent or trickle?: Tracking glacial lake evolution and flood events using composite lake records
Polyak Cyclic patterns in Quaternary deposits on the Northwind Ridge, western Arctic Ocean: glacial vs. marine signature
Power Detection of a marine to terrestrial transition in lake sediment from Baffin Island, Arctic Canada, using sedimentary DNA
Przybylak Comparison of early twentieth century Arctic warming and contemporary Arctic warming in the light of daily and sub-daily data
Raberg Extending brGDGT-based paleoclimate proxies to high latitudes
Raynolds Vegetation around six lakes along a climate gradient in Baffin Island
Retelle Unprecedented recent warmth in the context of the last 2000 years in Svalbard and the imminent disappearance of the west coast valley glacier Linnébreen
Riopel Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure: A global information highway to meet the challenges of a fragile Arctic ecosystem
Roy Revisiting the Nutrient Recovery Hypothesis: can contemporary population cycles influence ecosystem function?
Sayedi Integrating terrestrial and subsea permafrost into climate policy
Briner Sbarra Evidence for a more extensive Greenland Ice Sheet in southwestern Greenland during the Last Glacial Maximum
Schneider Sedimentary lipid biomarkers combined with novel hyperspectral imaging techniques: A multiproxy Holocene-length sedimentary reconstruction from Lake 578, S Greenland
Serreze From questions of what and why to why it all matters: Evolving thoughts on the changing Arctic
Shtabrovskaya Creating a database of mountain soil temperature on the subarctic Kola Peninsula
Smith A revised glacial history of the Smoking Hills region, northwestern arctic Canada: evidence for late Pliocene and Quaternary continental Laurentide glaciations and the preservation of old buried glacial ice
Streuff A database for submarine glacial landforms and glacimarine sediments in the High-Arctic
Syvitski Honoring John T Andrews: The sediment fill of fjords
Tulenko The culmination of the last glaciation in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska based on 10Be ages from Alaska’s biggest moraine boulders
Walcott The hunt for ice-free areas along the coastal Cordilleran Ice Sheet margin during the LGM continues: No dice in the northern Alexander Archipelago
Walker Long-term cumulative impacts of a gravel road in an ice-wedge polygon landscape, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Watson-Cook Thermokarst pond plant communities of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska: Environmental gradients and temperature feedbacks
Zhao Late Holocene temperature and hydroclimate reconstruction from southern Greenland: evidence from biomarkers in lake sediments
Zheng Mapping ice flow velocity using an interactive, cloud-based feature tracking workflow