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I 1 1/13 Course overview, policies and syllabus  
  2 1/15 Earth system components, forcing, feedback, and equilibrium Ch. 1
II 3 1/20 Radiation, energy glux, black body behavior, Stefan Boltzmann Ch. 2
  4 1/22 Global energy balance, the natural "Greenhouse Effect", radiative forcing and climate sensitivity

Ch. 3


III 5 1/27 Chemical composition of the atmosphere, greenhouse gases, temperature and density structure of the atmosphere Ch. 4 & 5
  6 1/29 Motion of the atmosphere and energy transfer Ch. 6 HWK2
IV 7 2/3 The coriolis effect, geostrophy, winds and the general circulation of the atmosphere Ch. 7
  8 2/5 Water in the climate system  
V 9 2/10 Upper ocean circulation  
  10 2/12 Deep ocean circulation  (and pre-exam review)  
VI 11 2/17 HOUR EXAM 1 (results)  
  12 2/19 The natural carbon cycle Ch. 8
VII 13 2/24 Fossil fuels and the perturbed carbon cycle Ch. 10
  14 2/26 case study: CO2, climate, and sea level variation in the deep past HWK3
VIII 15 3/3 20th century-plus temperature from thermometers, satellites, glaciers, and boreholes Ch. 11
  16 3/5 case study Temperatures of the last millenium; radiative forcing from volcanoes, solar variations, greenhouse gases and aerosols  
IX 17 3/10 Warming and the cryosphere, polar amplification  
  18 3/12 Sea-level rise from thermal expansion of sea water and melting and sliding ice  
X 19 3/17 Projections of temperature and precipitation for various emissions scenarios; commitment warming; regional variability and extremes Ch. 12
  20 3/19 HOUR EXAM 2 (results)  
  22 3/26 SPRING BREAK

XII 23 3/31 Documented and projected impacts of warming

Ch. 9


  24 4/2 Powering the Planet; Estimating the future global energy demand  
XIII 25 4/7 in-class exercise: "Choosing a prudent CO2 cap and estimating the associated C-free energy demand"
  26 4/9 NO CLASS- please attend Dr. James Hansen's lecture (1 PM, Macky): "Climate threat to the planet: Implications for intergenerational and environmental justice"



XIV 27 4/14 Energy and emissions pathways to climate safety, pt. 1  
  28 4/16 Energy and emissions pathways to climate safety, pt. 2  
XV 29 4/21 deconstructing the "Great Global Warming Swindle", pt. 1  
  30 4/23 deconstructing the "Great Global Warming Swindle", pt. 2  
XVI 31 4/28 Policy and regulatory responses to the energy-climate problem  
  32 4/30 review (EX1, EX2)  
    5/4 FINAL EXAM MON 1:30 - 4:00 PM (results)